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Latest Fully Remote Jobs

Find the best curated latest remote jobs from home in top categories and work anywhere! For remote developers, designers, and more. The smoothest board with 100% fully remote jobs.
About Smooth RemoteSmooth Remote is simply the smoothest remote job board around for anyone on the lookout for remote work. Whether you’re looking for smooth sailing in an established corporation or a new adventure in an innovative startup — your journey starts here. Breeze through the latest remote jobs and find your next destination.

Remote jobs give a range of benefits, including flexibility to work from anywhere and earn a better salary. According to the latest US Labour Department report, with The Great Resignation still going strong in the US and globally and its record of 4.5 million workers quitting their jobs in November 2021, people don’t want to compromise anymore. 17% of people stated that one of the main reasons for leaving their job is low pay or lack of benefits.

Whether you’re looking for better-paying jobs or you simply want to see how to navigate your career to do something more future-proof – we’ve collected the list of high paying remote jobs in 2022. For salary estimations listed in this article, we used job listings published in Smooth Remote over the past six months and salary estimation tools such as, Glassdoor, and Payscale. The ranges are presented gross yearly.

Why do top-paying remote job offers have such wide ranges?

Your remote paycheck can range depending on many factors, including your experience, achievements, job requirements or even the size of the company or industry – some companies are willing to pay way more for the same position than others.

Salary ranges are also based on the candidate’s location – you will see different salaries in the US and specific countries in Europe or Asia, even if the role is the same.

Though some remote companies are ‘location agnostic’ – they pay for the skills, not depending on your salary on your location. Statistics show that the average remote work salary is $89,178. It is quite encouraging news for those seeking remote jobs. See which of those are the highest paying remote jobs in 2022.

The top job titles with high paying remote job opportunities

1. Software Engineer / Software Developer

Software engineers create IT applications for tech companies that address particular problems to specific audiences. Usually, those roles specify the tech stack that the developer should know – as there are many programming languages. JavaScript, Java and Python are the top three languages recruiters will look for in 2022. To get a job as a software developer, you need to have skills, be an analytical thinker who enjoys solving problems and have a portfolio of implementations or stuff you coded yourself to present. The range varies depending on the company and the seniority of the role.

Average salary range:

  • US: $64K–$130K ($88,297 as average)
  • the UK: £39k – £88k (£53K as average)
  • Germany: €41k – €74k (€54,773 as average)

2. Product Manager

Product managers are in high demand nowadays as companies develop many digital projects and products. Their primary role is to handle the whole process of developing products and services and manage the entire team’s workflow. As a product manager, you will set up the strategy, create roadmaps, define product features, research the market, collaborate with the marketing team to promote it, analyze the market fit, and more.

Average salary range:

  • US: $73K–$175K ($113K as average)
  • the UK: £38k – £88k (£57,555 as average)
  • Germany: €41k – €74k
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